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This Skatewave skatepark is perfect for beginners and more advanced riders!

Skatewave® modular community skateparks, riders enjoy the peak performance and challenge that only comes from precision engineering, innovative products, custom skatepark design and the very best materials. You'll feel good knowing that your skatepark is safe, durable and low maintenance, and that local service is just a phone call away. That's what you can expect from an industry-leading skate park builder. ® skate parks provide tons of opportunities for youth riders, from beginners to more experienced riders to build their riding skills. Skatewave is the first system with a totally interchangeable riding surface and totally modular components for endless custom skatepark designs. Our components are designed to be super-tough, safe, long-lasting, low-maintenance and fun for riders. When you are ready for a skateboard park design with traditional skatepark components like a grind rail, a half pipe and skate ramps to street-inspired urban obstacles, Skatewave equipment offers enormous potential for your unique, skatepark design.Want to find out more?

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