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Featured Skatepark
Featured Skatepark, Farmers Branch Recreation Center Skatepark, Farmers Branch, Texas

Your community skatepark is about much more than just skateboard ramps and rails. A skatepark is a haven for local youth riders who want to safely practice their sport, learn from other riders and socialize with others. A skatepark with skateboard ramps literally keeps riders off the street and on the ramp. No more dangerous dodging traffic and potentially damaging public spaces. Skatewave® 3.0 modular community skateparks promote skateboarding in a challenging and safe environment.

You'll find that Skatewave offers completely customized skateparks, including skateboard ramps, for endless design possibilities. Not a skatepark builder, skatepark designer or equipment expert? With Skatewave you don't have to be to create an amazing skate park.

When you work with Skatewave, you work with a trusted skatepark builder with a collaborative team of skate park designers and a local representative who is with you every step of the way. Plus, you'll get hassle-free assembly and skatepark installation.

Find out how Skatewave can make a difference in your community. Contact us, or call your local representative.


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